BBHS History in Brief

Year of Founding: January 23, 1923

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Founders: The American Southern Baptist Mission (first came to Nigeria in 1850 under the leadership of Rev. Thomas Jefferson Bowen.)


i. Egunya Hill; from 1923 – 1969 (Egunya Hill is now home to Principal Patterson Memorial Grammar School.)

ii. Oke-Saje; from 1970 – Present Oke-Saje was formerly occupied by the defunct
Alabama Secondary Modern School)

Pioneering Staff: Rev. S.G. Pinnock, Mr. J.L. Aloba, who later became known as Rev. J.A. Lawoyin and  Deacon J.O. Ogunsola.

About the School

Type: Single Sex (Male) School. Became mixed briefly in 1969 and 1970 when the Higher School Certificate was introduced.

Curriculum: The School was grammar oriented when if was founded. With the implementation of the present National Policy on
Education, the curriculum was diversified to cover Liberal Arts, Science and Technology.