Military Takeover

It is obvious our generation has grown up under different influencers and influences. While some choose to learn the positive ethos from this mixture of lessons, a few are unable to separate the wheat from the chaf.

It is saddening that in this age, an individual would come up with this type of military braggadocio to take over a leadership mantle which when he legitimately occupied could make little of it.


It’s no optional for me to wanting to embark on this rescue mission considering the character defamation that prompted the stepping aside of the Exco led by my good self. Firstly I am seriously pained that since our stepping aside, the Group has failed to make any headway no matter how little. lt’s my opinion that the few members who misinterpreted SERVICE FOR Power must have learnt one or two things that managing a Group is no small feat. Their desire for power and posts at all cost made them thwarted the progressing Bye-law Committee work by smuggling a controversial section into the Bye Law that was only awaiting final reading and adoption of the Group. For the sake of peace, unity and progress of our dear Set, I chose not to join issues with anyone and therefore ignored the matter.
As if this was not enough, Electoral Committee set up consequently with full autonomy and independence to organise and conduct a credible election was again sabotaged by some elements who bent on dictating to and controlling the Committee to the point that the Committee Chairman had to resign. I was quite aware of these scheming.
I am also not unaware that another committee immediately constituted for election purpose was equally filtrated whereby the committee member was given a script to play.
It is disappointing that d caretaker committee could not look for a solution to all these. It has failed to move us forward despite the fact that it has exceeded its duration of service, without any headway. I hope we all know that caretaker committee duration of service is not indefinite.
I will not fail to mention that some people have formed a parallel government asking members to refer matters to them. My position is that we are not in anarchy, since no exco has succeeded us the exco led by me is still incumbent and relevant caretaker committee or no caretaker committee. Time will not permit to mention criticism that traded the forwarding of my name and that of Mumin Sanni on request by National OBA for record purpose. We need to tread softly. Gentility is no stupidity but sign of maturity.
In view of the foregoing and many more, all members should regard this as my notice of assumption of leadership of the Set pending the election of new exco members.
In conclusion, the caretaker committee is hereby suspended and dissolved. This is inevitable in the interest of peace, unity n progress of the class set.

Thank you.

Tywo Omotunde
President 96Set. “

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